Lili Forberg: A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Photographer

Lili Forberg is a freelance fashion photographer.

First things first 

Every single day is so different in my job, but I’ll try my best to describe one! Unless I’ve a crazy call time for an early shoot, I’d usually set my alarm for 7.15am. After 15 minutes of snoozing, I get up at 7.30am. Leon, my five-year old son, just started school so for the first time ever we have a bit of a routine in the morning. I get him dressed and ready for school, make him breakfast and prep his lunchbox. While he eats his breakfast I shower and get ready for work. 

Getting ready

I don’t usually have time to do my makeup before I leave. I’d usually do it when I get to work. I also don’t have any time for breakast or coffee! We leave the house at 8am to get Leon to school for 8.25. Sometimes we’re the first ones there as school is so close. Sometimes we’re late because traffic is so unpredictable.

The working day

This part is always so different, because if I’m not shooting from my studio, I’d be out on location and it can be anywhere. A hotel room, a Georgian house, the middle of the woods, or at a celebrity’s house. When I get on set, hair and makeup would usually still be working on the models or the celebrity I’m shooting. Even if my call time is 10am, I usually don’t start shooting until 12. I’ll grab a quick coffee and something to eat, throw a bit of makeup on and have a look at the location I’m shooting at. Together with the fashion editor or creative director we’d do a recce and choose the spots we hope to shoot at.

After hours

The time I finish shooting is always different. A celebrity shoot may only take a few hours as they are always so busy. A fashion or commercial shoot could take all day. If I get home early, I like to hang out with Leon. We play Lego or go to the playground. My office is at home and that’s where I do all my editing and administration. I try not to do it during the day when I’m with Leon as I don’t want to miss out on our time together.

Winding down

I’d usually cook dinner. We love cooking and fresh food in our house, Leon adores cooking too. We always cook from scratch. After dinner I get Leon to bed for 7.30pm. I get back downstairs to my office for 8pm and that’s when I start editing, doing contact sheets, retouching and doing accounts or invoicing. It’s also when I work on Mutiny Kids, my online kids fashion magazine ( Sometimes If I have deadlines I’d work till 2am. Most of the time, I try to work until 10pm and then hang out with my husband for an hour or two watching Netflix and catching up on my social media. My instagram is @liliforberg; that’s where I post behind the scenes of my day to day. 

Hit the hay

Before bed, I just make sure my equipment is prepped, batteries charged and that my gear is ready for next days shoot. I fall asleep straight away as by the time I get to bed I’m just so tired. I literally stay up until I can’t open my eyes anymore.

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This article first appeared in the December issue of STELLAR Magazine. Our January issue is on shelves now.

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