Love Island’s Chris Hughes Is Winning Praise For Getting His Testicles Checked On Live TV

That do take nerve.

Love Island’s Chris Hughes has won praise for having his testicles checked by a doctor live on This Morning yesterday.

The star of the 2017 series of the show dropped his trousers in support of the charity Movember, which aims to increase early detection of prostate and testicular cancers.

Chris revealed that he recently had a health scare after finding a problem with one of his testicles – he had a ‘varicocele’, an enlargement of veins in the scrotum that can decrease sperm production and cause infertility.

Writing on Instagram, he said it’s important for him to speak out about it:

Testicular issues have plagued myself and my family for many years, from cancer to infertility, so helping and urging others to check themselves means a lot to me, as not only does it affect you, it can affect the people around you and your life going forward, whilst most importantly saving lives.

While some viewers weren’t expecting to see balls on TV while they were eating their breakfasts, others couldn’t help but respect Chris’ nerve.

An estimated 68% of men don’t know how to properly check their own testicles, so watching this video may just help save a life. Fair play, Chris.