Love To Spoon? Here’s What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Apparently the way you and yer man get your shuteye says a lot about you as a couple.

couple sleeping

Are you and yer man cuddly sleepers, or does one of you get rolled to the other side of the bed (we’re getting flashbacks to Ross’s hug’n’roll in Friends) halfway through the night? Well a new study says that the way you sleep reveals a lot about your relationship.

The University Of Hertfordshire surveyed 1000 couples on their sleep patterns to measure its impact on their overall happiness.

The couples who are most happy? The ones who sleep less than an inch apart, apparently. Yep, 94% of those who touch while sleeping said they were happy, compared to only 68% who don’t touch while sleeping. So we guess, for the most part, snuggling reigns supreme.

The most popular position? The study found that the most satisfied couples either sleep back to back or spoon.

We guess that’s a solid enough reason to put up with his snoring then so.

Pic credit: Thinkstock