Marian Keyes Pledged To Match Any Donations Her Followers Made To The Repeal Campaign, And The Response Was Incredible

People's generosity knows no bounds.

With just six weeks to go until the referendum on the Eighth Amendment, the campaign is stepping up a notch.

Earlier this morning the group Together For Yes launched a crowdfunding drive to pay for 5000 posters to be put up around Ireland.

In just a few hours, the campaign hit its target of €50,000, leading the group to increase it to €100,000, which would fund 10,000 posters.

Iconic Irish author Marian Keyes was one of the many people to help get it over the line – she told her 157k Twitter followers that if they showed her proof of their donation to the campaign, she’d match it.

She initially said she’d aim for €1000 by the end of the week, but such was the response from her followers that it ended up going well over €2000 in under an hour.

One follower donated his entire work bonus:

True to her word, Marian donated €1000…

…And Me Before You author Jojo Moyes decided to join her, also pledging to give €1000 to the campaign.

Two of our favourite writers being absolute legends. Gerrup!