‘Maybe You Need To Log Out Of The Matrix’: Dublin Girlo Is Sick Of The Internet Begrudgers

This month, our Girlo has had it with people moaning about influencers.

Would you be shocked if I told you I’m sitting in work hungover to bits, trying to keep down water that is determined to come back through my nostrils along with that yellow stuff that lines your stomach? I’ve another two-day hangover and just inhaled two hash browns – one for each day that I’ve looked like absolute shit.

While I was dead to the bed last night, hugging my pillow and dry-retching, waiting on my curry to come, I scrolled through the ‘gram like I do at numerous stages throughout the day. And all the usual popped up: makeup tutorials, some Hun I don’t know’s arse, another picture of another baby scan with a ‘coming soon’ chalk board behind it… And then I stumbled across a page that I’ve seen a fair few times that was set up to call out bloggers for all the lies, filters and FaceTune they fail to mention in their Instagram captions.

We’ve all been here before and I’m sure Bloggers Unveiled is going to have its very own episode of Reeling In The Years dedicated to it thanks to the drama of 2018/19. And don’t get me wrong, a lot of bloggers do my head in. People who, in my opinion, look the exact same talking about the same new launch or jacket in a D4 accent even though they are from Blanch, sitting on their sofas or in their cars talking about what they are going to do for the day like it’s a breaking news you’re just about to hear after the Angelus. For example, last night I sat through an Insta story where someone actually went through their weekly shop and went on to explain how tasty every single thing was and how they planned to cook it.

I post my struggles on Instagram all the time. I talk about my vagina, my sex life, my hangovers, my break outs, my break ups, my rejections, my embarrassments. And I have called bloggers out numerous times about numerous things. But over the last few weeks I’ve become so sick of the people that begrudge every blogger every little thing, yet still choose to follow them.

I saw a comment on one of these pages complaining about how bloggers buy new things for their second babies instead of using the stuff they bought for the first… like honestly Huns who gives a shit? The country has over 3000 homeless kids right now and this is what you’re angry about?

I saw another, about a bloke whose family lives abroad and is constantly posting about how he is always away and in the sun – honestly if my ma had a gaff in 30 degree heat that I could go to whenever I wanted instead of sitting at home in the rain, I’d be posting that shit left, right and centre, AND I’d be hash tag #LivingMyBestLife while I was at it. And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

People are no longer outraged about influencers FaceTuning their pics beyond recognition. People are literally moaning about bloggers getting deliveries on Sundays. In a world where everyone is constantly talking about mental health and how we need to break the stigma, when we have all been to too many funerals for people we shouldn’t have had to say goodbye to, you really have to sit back and wonder is a Facebook group dedicated to tearing people apart really the best thing you could be doing with your time.

The internet can be a toxic place. It’s filled everyone with insecurities they never thought they would have. BUT you choose what you see and what you follow on these sites and if seeing someone buy a new high chair for their newborn is going to piss you off maybe you need to log out of the Matrix for a few days, Hun. Stay Stunnin’.


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