My 30 Day Yoga Challenge Diary: Day 19… Let’s Not Talk About Yesterday

It's day 19 of Laura Somers' yoga diary - and it turns out she's capable of ruining a whole room's zen-like state. Oopsies.

girl in exercise clothes holding her stomach

As you may have noticed, day 18 of my yoga challenge was non-existent, but I have a legit excuse – I swear. I was sick! And so I spent the whole day in bed feeling sorry for myself and binging on Netflix while sweating buckets and running to the toilet to puke every two minutes. I’m convinced it was because of the previous day’s Ashtanga attempt. Honest!

Today I’ve just about managed to get out of bed and keep my food down – an achievement in and of itself. I don’t know why but, in a brief moment of madness, I decided I might actually be able for yoga today – an absolutely catastrophic decision.

As the day went on, feeling I was about to vom every half hour, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if I’d decided to cancel – but, as it turns out, I have no common sense.

I just prayed I could make a quick and subtle exit before I hurled everywhere.

I arrived at class looking like a paler (less symmetrical) Cullen, but it wasn’t until the class had begun that whatever common sense I had left kicked in – only it was too late. While everyone did their relaxing meditation, I sat there while my stomach was churning and making a whole load of weird noises I’d never heard before. I just prayed I could make a quick and subtle exit before I hurled everywhere.

Before I knew it, I’d jumped off my mat and legged it to the exit while holding my hand to my mouth and, to add insult to injury, I tripped on my way out. I barely made it to the bathroom before I puked. All I could think about when I was getting sick was the look of horror and disgust on all the yogis’ faces – I completely ruined their zen-like state. Soz bbz!

I’m absolutely morto! I will not be returning to this yoga class ever again – and I def won’t be going back inside to get my mat. No amount of money is worth that kind of embarrassment.