My First Time: 4 STELLAR Readers Tell All On Losing Their Virginity

From hymens to humping, four STELLAR readers dish the deets on their awkward/romantic first time hook-ups.

Young couple in bed

We all remember what it was like our first time; the nervous, awkward fun of it all. Maybe it was years ago, months ago, or a cringey experience you’d rather forget. Either way, we spoke to some STELLAR readers on what it was like for them losing their ‘V’ card…

Claire, 23

“I remember I was in my friend’s house when it happened. I wasn’t on the pill at the time so he was using a condom. Half way through though, he took it off and didn’t tell me ’til after. I was fit to kill him! I was so scared to tell my friend what had happened in case of what she might say, and when I finally did, she marched me straight down to the local pharmacy and made me get the morning after pill. Not the best first time experience!”

Taylor, 22

“I was with my boyfriend of three months at the time, and we said that we would wait for a while because it was my first time. But as most things go, I couldn’t wait and ended up losing the V card in a single bed in his house in Galway. Afterwards we had Weetabix, It was nice!”

I was wearing a French maid’s costume at the time.

Katy, 24

“I was so scared for my first time because I had heard absolute horror stories about how sore it could be and that it would be really awkward. Everyone said it wouldn’t be good and you just have to get passed the first time to get to the good bit. While this is partly true, I actually enjoyed my first time! It was with my boyfriend who I had been with for a few months.

He was so nice about it that me put me completely at ease. Of course it was a bit awkward, but I knew him so well that we just laughed it off and our closeness actually made it better. It took a bit of a push to get IT in, but once it was it was smooth sailing. In fact, it was so good I could barely walk after! It was an inside joke for our entire relationship!”

Rebecca, 26

“Back when I was 17 and working my first job as a waitress, I worked alongside this guy, let’s call him Callum, and he was super hot, I mean like movie-star hot. Naturally I had a HUGE crush on him, and it was undeniable that we had chemistry. After weeks of flirting he kissed me at the end of our shift one night after everybody had left. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later we, er, ‘sealed the deal’ so to speak. It was halloween night and because I’d been to a fancy dress party beforehand, I was wearing a French maid’s costume at the time.

Despite all the fuss about first times being awkward and painful, I actually had a pretty good time with Callum. I’m not saying I orgasmed my first time, but I definitely enjoyed it and felt very comfortable with him. We continued to see each other for a few weeks after that, but he moved to New York in late November – a trip he’d planned before we met. I still think about him from time to time, and I reckon it always makes a good story that I popped my cherry while wearing a French maid’s costume.”