My STELLAR Slimming World Diary: Week Three

At the end of week three of Slimming World, how is our Deputy Editor Rosemary faring?

STELLAR slimming world diary

Behold! Slimming World friendly brekkie (that bread was not for me)

To the uninitiated, it’s hard to explain what one feels after a 5lb weightloss. It’s smug, yes, but mixed with something else – almost elation, and a feeling that I’d describe as a kind of manic sense of invincibility. “I’m running down this hill, like a freight train that’s gone off the tracks, and there’s no stopping me now!” Something like that.

It’s easy, therefore, to get lulled into a false sense of unstoppable weightloss – so you kind of take your foot off the accelerator the tiniest bit.

This Week’s Vital Statistics

Starting weight: 14st 6lbs

Current weight: 13st 13lbs

Total loss: 7lbs

Target weight: 11st

So what did I do this week? Well, I stuck to plan – I’d say, 75%. The biggest cheats I’ve been indulging in have been smoothies for breakfast (according to Slimming World, fruit that’s been pulped or juiced has to be counted as a syn, but I say pish tosh to that and have been having my banana, unsweetened almond milk and spinach smoothies every morning) – and the odd beetroot and chicken salad in Jo Burger at lunchtime (not really bad, but not really good either).

STELLAR slimming world diary

Treats (that I did not eat) at our shoot

Hurdles I overcame this week:

  • I went on a full-day studio shoot where there were scones, pastries and more treats than you could shake a stick at – and I ate some fruit and drank black coffee and sulked. But I didn’t eat any.
  • I went to a breakfast courtesy of Cold Lilies in the gorgeous Greenery and ordered granola. Now, granola isn’t great – it’s full of sugar and usually comes with full-fat Greek yoghurt and honey, but it’s way better than what I used to go for: French toast, every single time. So that choice still became a source of pride.
  • I made seriously delicious Slimming World friendly breakfast, thanks to 0-cal spray and Slender Choice sausages (syn-free and so yummy).

Hurdles I tripped over this week:

  • Date night with the fella + a late workday always = bad food choices, and this week was no exception. We ordered Thai from a Chinese/Thai hybrid, and what arrived was greasy, oily, totally fatty. Did I eat it? Yep, I sure did. Cue massive rage.
  • I had planned to go to the gym about five times this week (they were written down in my organiser). And what happened? I had an IBS flare-up (more on which at a later date when I have any good advice to bestow, cos right now all I’ve got is, avoid bread and try not to get stressed) and sat on my ass all weekend.

After all that? I was still expecting to lose another 4lbs at least. C’mon, I lost five the week before – I was unstoppable! It’s no surprise that when you go to a meeting with this kind of attitude, learning that you’ve lost 1.5lbs can seem almost like a disappointment.

STELLAR slimming world diary

Yay! My 1/2 stone sticker 😀

Now, let’s be clear: a loss is a loss, 1.5lbs is not insignificant, and it means that I got my shiny 7lb sticker! Joy of joys (and more smugness). But I’ll admit that I was a little let down – so I immediately legged it to the cinema, ate a huge tub of Ben & Jerry’s and, later on that evening, a pizza from Milano. AND dough balls.

Whatever will I get up to next?