#MyBlogLife: Jessica Garland-Blake Reveals The One Style Staple She’ll Still Wear When She’s 80

We talk Fashion Week, photoshoots and more with the face behind I Have This Thing For.


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Name: Jessica Garland Blake

From: Dún Laoghaire, Dublin

Lives: London

Occupation: Fashion student, blogger (and waitress!)

Blog: I Have This Thing For

Instagram: @ihavethisthingfor

Snapchat: @jessiegblaky

Originally hailing from Dublin, Jessica Garland Blake’s love of fashion started at her grandparents’ suit factory, where she first learnt about fabrics, cuts and style. Jessica balances her full-time work as a student at London’s prestigious College Of Fashion with a part-time waitressing gig, some social media consultancy work, oh, and her stunning blog, I Have This Thing For. Safe to say she’s one busy woman. We caught up with Jessica to talk photoshoots, Fashion Week and the one wardrobe staple she’ll still be wearing when she’s 80.

Your style is so relaxed and colourful! What inspires you when putting looks together?

I have to be comfortable, so that comes first. My outfit choice mainly depends what I have planned for the day, whether it’s a busy day full of meetings or a more casual day. My style right now is definitely colourful, but last year I wore a lot more black. It changes!

What makes a good outfit picture for you?

Good lighting is something of an obsession for me.The right lighting can give a picture that ‘wow’ factor. I also put a lot of thought into location. One of my recent shoots was in a really dark Moroccan restaurant, I wore a white linen blouse with red embroidery and the contrast of colours and lighting really worked. I always strive to be different so I stay away from the ‘full length shot in front of a white house’ type of photos.

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Source: ihavethisthingfor.com

You’re a fashion student. Where did your interest in style and design begin?

Yes, I studied at Dublin’s Grafton Academy and I’m currently at the London College of Fashion. My interest in fashion started at a very early age. My grandparents owned a suit factory in Dublin and I was always encouraged to look at fabrics and the way clothing was made. When I was about five, my dad gave me a magazine that had a piece on Lady Diana’s wardrobe in it and that’s when I started drawing dresses. The rest is history!


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Source: Instagram/ @ihavethisthingfor

How does the fashion culture in London compare to Ireland?

London’s a global centre of fashion, with its own Fashion Week twice a year, so there’s definitely a difference between here and Dublin. I think perhaps people take more risks with their fashion to stand out. Plus there’s a really multi-cultural influence here.

What’s one piece in your wardrobe that you just can’t bear to throw out?

My No 21 red satin slip-ons are the only shoes I’ve ever kept the box for – they’ll never get thrown out. I keep them safe so that I can still wear them when I’m 80!

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Credit: Ben Ramshaw

What are you your favourite clothes stores?

In London, I shop in Matches, Cos and Topshop mainly. In Dublin, Bella in Blackrock Market is brilliant for second-hand designer pieces. As for online, I love Net-A-Porter.

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Source: Instagram/ @ihavethisthingfor

What’s a day in your life like right now?

Part-time waitress, part-time blogger, full-time student. If I’m not working you’ll find me checking the weather for lighting to see if I can shoot photos, keeping Whole Foods in business – oh, and finding out who’s free for a gin and tonic!

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