Olympic Athlete Dina Asher Smith Shared Her Top Tips For Getting Fit This Summer

From diet to exercise, she's got all the know-how.

Not only is Dina Asher Smith a world class athlete and Olympic medalist, she’s also a powerful advocate for healthy living among young people.

Aged just 21, Dina is a role model for anyone who would like to get fit this summer. She’s got the experience, she’s got the skill, and most importantly, she’s relatable. The British sprinter has shared some of her top tips for getting fit this summer – and you may want to grab a pen!

First thing’s first, she doesn’t restrict her diet *too* much. “I’m a massive lover of all kinds of food, my favourite type when I’m training is anything healthy, fresh and tasty. Being an Olympic athlete does require you to mostly eat healthy. At the same time (but not regularly) it’s okay to have a day which includes something bad in your diet. Eleven months of the year is a very long time, so allowing yourself the odd treat is okay. My favourite healthy snacks are beef jerky, Müller light yoghurt and fruit.” Sounds delicious.

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When it comes to getting motivated, Dina has one very important rule. “Get up and exercise first thing in the morning, as you never really know how your day is going to pan out. Promising yourself that you’ll go to the gym at lunch time, or after work, can be difficult to achieve. Early exercise will wake you up and can improve productivity for your day.”As well as that, you should set some personal goals so that you have something to work towards. Dina tells us, “My biggest motivation is to get faster. I love seeing personal improvements; better reps, heavier weights, and getting fitter.” Seeing improvements in your own performance is a great motivator to keep going. Why quit when it’s working, right?

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We asked Dina what advice she’d give to someone who doesn’t usually exercise, but would like to get fit for summer. She says, “Get up and out ASAP, as time passes so quickly. A week can pass when thinking about when to get started or which exercise to do. If struggling with what to do, speak to your friends and find something that you can enjoy doing together. This makes exercising fun and you are accountable to someone else to turn up and do it.” Why not text your pals and arrange a Sunday afternoon stroll? Or perhaps schedule a gym class together a few mornings before work.

Dina is a firm believer that sport is fun, and fun is for everybody, so the more people who get involved in sport the better. To put this into practice, she’s teamed up with Müller and other British athletes to inspire the next generation to have fun with sport and create extraordinary moments. 

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