Period Cries #2: Jedward, Ladies’ GAA, And Baton Twirlers

Each month, some Irish women tell us about something that actually made them cry on their period.

With raging hormones, cramps, and bleeding, it’s no surprise that women feel particularly emotional when Aunt Flo is in town. Each month, will ask Irish women to share the silliest thing that has made them cry on their period. This month, Online Editor Valerie is routinely tearing up at Together For Yes canvassers. Bawww. :'(

“Probably was PMSing, definitely hungover, at work in 2012 at my desk, crying watching a video of Jedward performing because I was ‘so happy they get to do what they really want to do in life… and they get to do it together with their brother’.” –  Fiona (@andgoseek)

“A group of baton twirlers waving to the crowd at the St Patrick’s Day parade. They were just so proud to be there.” – Karen (@karenmccourt)

“I once bawled while singing the ‘feed the world’ part in the Band Aid song.” – Laura (@DempseyLaura)

“Paul Potts’ audition on Britain’s Got Talent gets me every time. Or if I’m stuck at traffic lights outside Crumlin hospital…” – Louise (@LouiseOCon_ie) Oh god Paul Potts gets me too. Weeping now.

“I was designing a brochure for the Ladies’ GAA and they just love their sport so much.” – Linda (@Bubblenoma)

Truly incredible scenes. If you’d like to share a Period Cry, email or contact me on Twitter @valerieloftus. No Cry is too silly, we promise.


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