Phone Hack: This Ingenious Tip Will Speed Up Your iPhone

Phone is feeling a little sluggish? Give this 10 second fix a try.


Here at Stellar HQ, we’ve come across a few different deadly tips to help speed up our iPhones but this one may be the quickest yet. Yup, first world problems, we know. But even those few seconds of waiting for your iPhone to catch up with the rest of the world are just agonising. Don’t fret, now there’s a simple trick to give your phone a New Year’s spring clean.

The fix, spotted by AppAdvice, clears out your Apple App store data helping to speed up your phone and sort any issues with apps not automatically updating.



There are three simple steps and the first is to simply launch the app store on your iPhone. Next, you tap one of the buttons (choose from Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search and Updates) on the bottom of the screen ten times.  You should now notice a speed increase and any App Store issues should also be resolved. Happy days!

By Jennifer Conway