Prep For Success: 5 Expert Tips To Kill It Come Race Day

Whether it's a 5K, 10K, or a full marathon you're planning on running, you'll need to prep yourself for race day success. We spoke to personal trainer Karl Henry to find out how.

woman tying her shoe laces

Made a promise to yourself that you’d be Ireland’s answer to Usain Bolt comes race day? Yep, it seemed perfectly attainable when you first registered, but don’t panic if it seems like time is running out. We spoke to personal trainer Karl Henry to find out how to tweak your training regime and ensure you’re prepped for success come race day.

1. Don’t overtrain

Missed a few training sessions? Running 20km every day over the next few days to make up for it is not a good idea, says Karl. “By doing this you’ll run out of fuel for the race,” he explains.

2. Get a good sleep

Don’t underestimate the importance of some valuable zeds. “A good nights sleep before the race will make you feel more alert and it also repairs damaged tissues from previous days workouts,” instructs Karl.

3. Take it slow

“If you aren’t normally a runner, don’t use race day to try to become one,” Karl advises. So rather than injuring yourself take it at your own pace and soak up the atmosphere as well. “ If you’re a walker go to the back, not the front, if you’re a jogger go more towards the front. It’s important for you to find your relative area so that it is an enjoyable day for everybody.”

4. Eat, eat, eat!

The night before the race make sure to have a carb-based meal to fuel your body with energy. “On the day of the race don’t try out any new fancy breakfast,” Karl says. “It’s so important to eat what you usually have in the mornings.”

5. Wear your regular training gear

“Don’t wait until the day to try out your newest pair of Nike Airs,” says Karl. Wear clothes and runners that you are comfortable with to avoid those dreaded cuts and blisters.

Karl’s final piece of advice is “reward yourself when you finish.” A meal or a glass of wine is definitely in order – you’ve earned it!