QUIZ: How Vanilla Is Your Sex Life?

Are you a three-position-only kinda girl, or is your sex resumé up there with Christian Grey's? Take our quiz and add up your points for each question to find out...

Your new man is really into dirty talk. You:

Jump right in. Who cares if you feel like you’re doing a reading of Fifty Shades? (2)

Go along with it for a while, but you’d prefer a bit of peace to enjoy yourself, tbh. (3)

Amp up your own dirty talk with some seriously kinky chat. Two can play at this game. (1)

You’re both about to get undressed before the action begins. You:

Take your own clothes off as quickly as possible and hop under the sheets. It’s cold! (3)

Perform a full-on striptease. Some suspense will make everything a million times sexier. (1)

Let them undress you and vice versa, praying you don’t encounter any fiddly shirt buttons on the way. (2)

When it comes to sex positions, you:

Do whatever he says. He is the master, and you his willing subject. (1)

Can’t resist the classics. If it ain’t broke, and all that. (3)

Mix it up depending on situation and mood. You’ll happily try the Reverse Flying Tiger, but sometimes you just want a quickie, y’know? (2)

You get chatting to a couple on a night out and they ask if you’re up for a threesome. You:

Excuse yourself and immediately tell the entire squad about it on WhatsApp. Flattering, but no thanks. (3)

Decline, but friend them both on Facebook later anyway, just in case you change your mind. (2)

Say yes, obvs. You were thinking for a while there that you’d have to do the asking yourself. (1)

When it comes to self-love, you:

Work it into your daily routine, like exercise or eating. It’s an essential. (1)

Could live without it. You enjoy it and all, but it’s not something you’d miss. (3)

Do it whenever you’re in the mood. Hey, it’s WAY easier to sleep after an orgasm. (2)

Your partner suggests using sex toys to spice things up a bit. You think:

“Why not? Let’s have a Google and see what’s out there.” (2)

“Does this mean I can finally show him my strap-on collection?” (1)

“Toys? What, like a FisherPrice Garage or something?” (3)

Your friend tells you she’s been trying some anal play with her partner and that it’s life-changing. You reply by:

Cheering loudly. She finally took your advice! (1)

Asking ALL the questions. You’ve tried it a few times, but now you’re intrigued. (2)

Cringing majorly. That body part is for one thing and one thing only. (3)


How did you score?

7 – 11 points – Good ol’ fashioned Vanilla
You’re a bedroom basic. For you, it’s all about tried-and-tested classics, and you balk at the potential embarrassment of trying something too out-there. We say, you could be missing out on some of the best sex of your life, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

12 – 17 points – Raspberry Ripple
You’re try-curious. You have a solid arsenal of moves that work every time, but some of your best orgasms have happened when you or a partner has tried something totally out of left field. There’s always more to discover, so keep doing what you’re doing.

18 – 21 points – The whole Ben & Jerrys counter
You’re the queen of kinky sex. For you, orgasms aren’t meant to be quick or easy. They’re hard-earned, and you’re willing to put in the time – and imagination – to make it happen. Just make sure that whatever you do with a partner is 100% consensual. It’s easy to get caught up and forget to check in.

This article first appeared in STELLAR’s March issue. Our May issue is on shelves now! 

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