Renting? Here Are 8 Ways To Decorate Without Losing Your Deposit

So you wanna fancy the place up a bit without getting grief from your landlord. We know how.

Beige walls and bland furniture are seriously dull but just cos you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t do up your digs. Sure, you might only be there for a short time but there are still a few easy (and cheap) ways to make it a bit more homely, and all without rubbing your landlord up the wrong way.

1 Craft your own photo frames

So what if you can’t hang photo frames on the wall? Just craft your own. All you need is a little washi tape (find it at your local craft store) and some scissors to make a trendy border for your cute snaps. The dote designs are up to you.

washi tape photo frames

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2 Rug it up

It might seem, um, kinda obvious but a big fuzzy rug is ace at adding warmth and texture to a room and bringing life to a daggy old floor. We say, opt for bright bold colours or prints to counteract the neutral overload of a rented gaff. Oh, and when in doubt, go oversized.

3 Hang wall art with velcro strips

So your landlord probs won’t be too happy if you start drilling holes in the wall but you can still stick that cute print up using your secret weapon, AKA velcro strips. Simply wack one on the back of your hanging and you’ve got yourself some fancy new wall art. Easy.

4 Use removable wallpaper

Yep, it exists and it’s all the rage. Walls in need of a little brightening? Just choose a print that takes your fancy, smooth it on and when you’re moving out you can peel it off just as easily. Feel free to prettify the fridge, cupboards or any ugly furnishings while you’re at it.

5 Up-cycle old furniture

Want some snazzy new storage? Easy, grab an old unit (or pick one up on the cheap at a car boot sale) and spray paint it/ stick things to it/ draw on it. Basically, do whatever you want to give it a chic new face lift and a personal touch.

upcycled wardrobe

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6 Make your Instas into art

Got an ace Insta account? Well, put all those motivational posters and artsy shots of your morning latte to good use. Go get ’em printed and line them up along the wall for the ultimate in hipster decor. Another fun idea, hang them along a mini washing line with wooden pegs. Totes adorable, right?


instagram wall art

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7 Buy colour block drapes

Don’t be afraid to switch out your landlord’s drab drapes for a bold and bright pair. They’ll instantly add a loud splash of colour- the perf anti-dote to boring beige walls. (Psst! You can pick up a pair from Ikea starting for a teeny €6.)

8 Fix faux flowers to the wall

For a pinterest-worthy twist on florals, nab some faux blooms, cut the heads and cluster them together using adhesive. Stick them to the wall or hang them from a light shade to add some cute floral detailing throughout your apartment. Or y’know, just stick some fresh blooms in vase, whatevs.

diy faux flower arrangement


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