Researchers Say They’ve Dispelled This ‘Myth’ About Periods And We’re Legit Raging

It's a vey real symptom.

Woman on her period

It’s day one of your period and if you’re one of the many women who suffer brain fog along with horrible cramps and mood swings, then you’ll know that period-related fatigue is no laughing matter.

That’s why we’re a tad raging that a group of researchers are claiming that the brain fog that many of us deal with during our time of the month isn’t actually a real thing.

Hmm. Try telling that to the three cups of coffee I’ve had before noon.

“As a specialist in reproductive medicine and a psychotherapist, I deal with many women who have the impression that the menstrual cycle influences their well-being and cognitive performance,” says Professor Brigitte Leeners of the Medical School in Hannover and University Hospital in Zürich.

To investigate these claims, Professor Leeners gathered a team of researchers and recruited 68 women to undergo testing during their menstrual cycle.

The team monitored the women over the course of two cycles, and noted that although there was some impact on cognitive function during the first cycle, this was not repeated in the women’s second cycle, leading Professor Leeners to conclude “The hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle do not show any association with cognitive performance.”

Sorry professor, but with anecdotal evidence backing us up, we beg to differ.

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