Sit At A Desk All Day? Apparently Office Ass Is A Very Real Thing

Just another side effect of working al desko.

bad office habits

Chances are, if you work in an office then you do just about everything at your desk. From typing up those all important assignments, to scoffing your lunch and topping up your make-up at the end of the day.

But while your work desk might feel a bit like your second home, it’s a comfort that can have some pretty major repercussions for your health.

See increased risk of depression and heart attacks aside, the New York Post reports that long hours of sitting can also contribute to something called ‘office ass’.

To put that in layman’s terms it’s the slow but continual flattening of your bum from sitting all day.

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“Office ass is a colloquial term for a culmination of several things,” explains physical therapist Abby Bales. “First, we’re parking our bottoms in chairs for hours upon hours every day,” and because of this “People have a difficult time actively engaging their glutes to both strengthen and shape them.”

Basically, forget the squats; you can’t expect a butt like Kimmy K’s if you work at a desk Monday to Friday 9-5.

Thankfully though, it’s really not all bad news and Bales says that the obvious fix is to simply stand up more. Um, duh.

The best move is to schedule it in. So aim to stand up and walk around for five minutes every hour to counteract any negative effects.

So no need to give up the squats after all then. Still, we’re not taking any chances. Now, who fancies that 10.30am walk to the coffee shop?


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