Six Things You Can Do To Avoid (And Treat) Chub Rub In This Heat

Hey, it happens to the best of us.

While we all love a bit of heat and sunshine, there are lots of downsides to sunny weather.

Whether your makeup is dripping off, or you can’t find anything appropriate to wear to work, the summer can provide some challenges – one of the biggest ones being the dread thigh chaffing, more affectionately known as chub rub.

It happens to women of all shapes and sizes and what may once have been a cause for embarrassment is now being embraced as a natural part of being a woman in the heat. Lucky us.

While it’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, it can be super uncomfortable and even painful, so we’re looking at how to avoid it.

Roll-On Deodorant

This is a method that works for some, and not so much for others. It’s handy because you’ll probably always have it in your bedroom or bathroom, so it can come in great as a quick fix when you’re stuck. Because it’s antiperspirant it’ll stop you from sweating in that general area which can help to prevent bumpy sore red spots.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a great effective way to stop your legs from rubbing off each other and getting sore and red. Apply in before you get dressed and it will help to absorb the moisture. Some body-powders are specifically designer for chaffing, like ‘Lady Anti-Monkey Butt’ which has brilliant reviews on Amazon and is only about a fiver. Others well-known baby powders might need to be applied a couple of times throughout the day, so it’s best to buy a little one you can keep in your bag.


If powdery dryness doesn’t work for you, you can go the totally opposite direction and give Vaseline or something similar a go. I can be a bit softer on the thighs and stay in place longer than powder. It’s likely you’ll have some at home, even in a lip balm tin, which can be great to keep on you at all times. This can be good if you’ve already seen signs of redness coming up, unlike powder which can clump up.

Savlon or Sudocreme

White delicate creams like Savlon and Sudocreme can be great for preventing chaffing, but a little messy. They’re perfect for if you’re wearing longer dresses and won’t show white marks. They’re gentle enough for babies so they are great even for sensitive skin. If you’ve already been affected by the dreaded chaffing, this is the perfect instantly-soothing way to treat it. Slather it on before bed and let it soak in and in the morning all the redness will be considerably soothed.

Thigh Bands

You may have seen the garter-looking ones targeted to you on Instagram or Facebook over the last few weeks. And while the lacey ones are pretty, you can find loads of simple options which are just simple black, browns and beiges and pretty much any colour to match your skin tone or the colour of your dress. Bandelettes cost about €15 and you can get them on Amazon. They feature anti-slip silicone so you won’t be pulling them up all day.

If you’re looking for something a little more simple, River Island, ASOS and loads more have plain bands. These ones below are currently only about €8 on Boohoo.

Bicycle Shorts 

Thankfully bicycle shorts were hugely in-style this summer, which means that keeping your thighs rash free could double up as a fashion statement. Wear then with a blazer and runners, and you’ve got yourself a lewk. Opt for shorter more disgreet ones if you just want to protect your thighs under a day dress. You can get them in all the high street stores and online shops like Pretty Little Thing, Zara and H&M.