Solved! This One Habit Is What’s Making Your Hangover A Lot Worse Today

Wish someone had told us this last night, tbh.

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Hangovers are tempestuous creatures. Somedays you can wake up fresh as a daisy after drinking the bar dry of G&Ts, and other days you’re feeling like death after two glasses of wine.

Of course, it’s not just the alcohol you’re drinking that can have an effect on your morning-after sitch. Other factors can come into play too: what you’ve eaten, how fast you’re drinking and how much sleep you end up getting.

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But according to alcohol and hangover expert Aaron White, there’s one simple thing we can be doing to help avert hangovers – and that’s spacing out our eating as well as our drinking.

If you’re drinking lots across a long night, whatever food was in your stomach beforehand will eventually be digested, meaning all that alcohol will irritate your stomach lining, causing bloating and nausea the next day.


Rather than filling up on a massive dinner for “soakage” or hitting the chipper after closing time, White tells Buzzfeed that we should snack on small amounts of healthy food throughout the evening.

“The best scenario is to have a mid-size meal then alternate your drinks with a glass of water and a small snack so the absorption of alcohol into the small intestine is slowed down as much as possible,” he says.

Whether that means hanging out by the dips n’chips all night or bringing a healthy snack along in your handbag is up to you, of course.


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