#SquadGoals: 5 Activities You Need To Plan With Your Besties This Spring

As we get older, it gets harder to keep in touch with friends. Here are five things you guys should get planning to get the squad back together.

Start a book club


Starting a club is a lovely way to get your friends together. Each month, one person from your group chooses a book which you have a month to read. When the time is up, the person who chose the book hosts the evening and you get together and chat. You can order in, cook some food, have some drinks, eat some cake, whatever you like, you’ll be surprised at the bonding experience. Who knows, it might turn into a life-long tradition.

Take a trip


It’s lovely getting away with your family or your other half, but there’s nothing quite like the laughs you’ll have on a girls trip away. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere abroad, pick a county and head away for the weekend on the train. At least with public transport, there’s no designated drivers. Don’t forget the wine!

Take a class


There’s something really liberating about broadening your horizons and taking up something you’ve always wanted to do. If you have your best friend beside you, it will make it all the more enjoyable. Do some research in your area and see what’s available. We’re thinking Ballet, Creative Writing, Pottery, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics, Cookery… You name it, the world is your oyster!

Day of recreation


Whether it’s weekly or every second week, you should plan a day with your friends when you can get out and enjoy the outdoors. Especially as the weather is getting nicer. This can be anything from hiking and biking to strolling through a park, or brunching/picnicking in a nice outdoor spot. When the weather gets really nice (don’t hold your breath), you could go swimming, kayaking or rent some boats on a lake somewhere.

Get to a festival


We’re lucky in Ireland that we have an amazing selection of festivals that start taking place from here on in. The more obvious ones might be Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Life, Forbidden Fruit, Longitude but there are plenty of other smaller ones too. Camping might not be your thing or maybe you’re not big into music, so have a look at the abundance of food and arts festivals taking place across the country. Check out entertainment.ie for a full summer line-up.


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