Stacey Solomon’s Story About Taking Her Ten-Year-Old Son To The Police For Being Rude To Her Is Pretty Amazing

We applaud her!

Stacey Solomon is best known for her big break on The X Factor back in 2009, being crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2011, and her current role on ITV’s Loose Women, but she’s also one of our all time favourite celeb mams.

Giving birth to her first son Zachary when she was just 17, she had to adjust to motherhood fairly quickly, and welcomed her youngest, Leighton back in 2012.

The hilariously real and honest mam recently revealed a time where she went to extreme measures to discipline her son, who she felt had been rude to her, and actually marched him straight into the police station.

“As soon as I walked in the two officers behind the counter, one male and one female, could see how distressed I was,” Stacey said in her Fabulous Magazine column.

“The lady opened the door and took my son to one side… they really took control and, even in my frantic state, I could hear that they had so much respect for me and they spoke about me in such a powerful way.

“It finally seemed like something was going in as I saw the realisation in his face that his behaviour was unacceptable. We didn’t speak all the way home and he had a little cry, but that was a relief to me.”

Stacey and her sons look to have a close bond and special relationship, and we think she’s doing single mums proud!

How scary is it that mams actually follow through on the infamous ‘be good or the policeman will give out to you’ threat though!?


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