Starving? Here Are 5 Ways To Beat A Bad Food Craving Without Going Crazy

It's 3pm and the cravings have hit. Don't wanna fall off the wagon? Here's what you need to do.


We don’t know what it is but every day, almost like clockwork, as soon as it hits 3pm we get a mad want in us for a bar of chocolate. According to science, any niggling little cravings are down to a lack of nutrients, so if your diet hasn’t been so good recently you can expect to experience a whole load of uncontrollable urges for all those naughty foods that certainly aren’t on your bikini body plan.

So what should you do to outwit your food wants? The first port of call is to clean up your diet, but if it’s too late for that and you’re already in the grip of a can’t-think-straight craving, here’s what you can do…


It might sound silly, but overeating is often associated with a negative mood. Guilty of emotional eating? Then snap out of it fast, girl. Smiling has been scientifically proven to both boost mood and reduce stress so get your grin on and see if those feelings subside.


Fun fact: It takes about 20 minutes for a craving to pass. After this time, the desire will have peaked and won’t feel as strong, giving you the power to make a more rational food choice, so do what you have to distract yourself until the feeling passes. A game of Candy Crush Saga anyone?

Replace it

Still starving? Get to the bottom of your craving and figure out what it is your body really wants. If it’s salty, savoury snacks you’ve got a hankering for, skip the Tayto and instead opt for cottage cheese and crackers. Need chocolate? Your craving is probably down to a lack of magnesium so choose healthier eats like raw nuts, seeds and low glycemic fruits. They’ll keep your blood levels steady and lessen the likelihood of cravings later in the day.


Exercise has a double-whammy effect on cravings. It both nixes stress (a key cause of overeating) and suppresses your appetite. Got five minutes to spare? Go for a quick jaunt around the block and see if that nasty craving has subsided any.

Grab a coffee

Is there anything coffee can’t do? Aside from getting us out of bed on a Monday morning, lowering our risk of disease and boosting our metabolism, it’s also a known appetite suppressant. Chug down your regular cup of joe and chase it with a glass of water to see that craving off and give your body a boost at the same time.

Still can’t get the thought of chocolate, crisps, and, er, everything inbetween out of your head? Choose your battles: It’s totally okay to indulge every once in a while. Moderation is key.

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