Stay On Track! 7 Key Tips To Curb Weight Gain When You’re Travelling

Backpacking, sun holidays, city breaks - they don't have to send you back to square one with your diet.

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If you have a holiday planned for this summer, be it two weeks in the sun or three months of backpacking across Asia, you may well be blitzing your way through a pre-vacation diet and fitness regime at this very moment.

But what’s the use in heading off feeling like your best self if you come home feeling bloated, sluggish and generally crap?

While we’re not suggesting you deprive yourself of the good things in life while you’re away – if you can’t have three frozen Piña Coladas before dinner when on holidays then when can you? – a little bit of mindfulness can go a long way to keeping you on track with your weight and fitness.

Read on for our tried-and-tested tips for avoiding holiday weight gain this summer…

1. Pack your own food for travel days
Even if your flight is only a few hours long, you can tack on 3-4 hours to that when you factor in airport waiting time. If you’re headed on a long haul flight or bus journey, you can multiply that time by three or even four. That’s a lot of unplanned meals, so pack some healthy snacks (nuts, fruit, protein balls) or even homemade meals in your carry-on.

2. Walk, walk, walk
Save money on public transport and taxis by walking everywhere you can. You’ll find your bearings in a new place far quicker if you explore and sightsee on foot, and you’ll work up an appetite too. Try to fit in at least one brisk 30 minute walk each day… but just remember to layer up on SPF.

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3. Eat like a local
Local restaurants and menus might take a bit more navigation, especially if there’s a language barrier, but they’re worth it. Keep away from McDonald’s and opt for fresh produce that’s far tastier and lower in fat. Don’t be scared to give new things a go – who knows, you might find you’re actually a big fan of goat curry.

4. Seek out ways to exercise
Unless you’re off on a week’s bootcamp, exercise opportunities aren’t just going to land in your lap. So rent a bike, hit the hotel gym or go out for a run early in the morning before the sun comes up. It’ll do no end of good for that post-holiday belly.

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5. Be mindful of what you eat
Rather than grabbing a bread roll in the shop or a croissant from the hotel brekkie buffet, be a bit more mindful in your choices. Is there fresh fruit available? Does your hotel offer porridge or omelettes instead of pastries and fried food? Are there healthy options buried under all the rich food on that menu? Take a moment to consider what you actually want to eat and you’ll make far wiser choices.

6. Add healthy restaurants and cafés to your sightseeing list
Before you head away, check out your guidebook or ask people who’ve visited your destination before – where’s the best lunch, what was their favourite dinner spot, where’s the best place to grab a juice? Include some tasty restaurants on your must-see list and you won’t even notice you’re eating healthily.

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7. Go 80/20
If you can manage to eat relatively healthily four times out of five, you can kick back guilt-free the rest of the time. Because let’s face it, is a holiday without cocktails really a holiday?