STELLAR Investigates: What Do Guys Really Think Of Your Tinder Profile?

We grilled four lads on what makes them swipe left or right on Tinder. Here's what they told us.

Guy using Tinder

Let’s face it, women are at a disadvantage from the off when it comes to Tinder; there are so many more men out there (well, it definitely seems like it) and they’re a mighty picky bunch. #feckers.

On average, a person will spend about two seconds or less studying someone’s profile pic on the dating app. Want to know what makes them swipe right? The deets might surprise you…

“Group shots turn me right off,” says James, 25. “It’s annoying having to figure out which girl is your Tinder match! If it’s a photo you really like, crop it.” Johnny, 28 agrees. “It should just be you in your profile picture.”

A smile would go a long way.

What about the one of you and your BBF Dave having the LOLs? Does the sight of another man confuse things? “It does – just go with the solo shot!” Johnny laughs. “Normal, natural photos are good. Well, that’s just my view anyway, they’re the type of girls I go for,” says Paul, 25.

“Oh and less of the duck poses,” says Alan, 31. What?! “What are they called? You know when girls pout their lips…” Duck face? “Yeah, that’s fair annoying! A smile would go a long way.”

Does the sight of a lady in a beer garden slugging a pint signal a straight left? “No,” they simultaneously chime, laughing. “But cigarettes, GAA jerseys and rugby jerseys do,” admits James. “Maybe it’s me but I don’t like that.”

If I see a girl with a cat, I’ll swipe left straight away.

Full shots or head shots? “Full. At least one whole body shot, please,” pleads Alan.

Are there any serious no-nos for the other five photos? James confesses: “If I see a girl with a cat, I’ll swipe left straight away. Same with rainbows, unicorns, sunrises, all that kind of stuff. We’d rather see you! At the end of the day you’re trying to impress someone with a picture, that’s what it boils down to.”

Ladies, it works two ways. What would you like the guys to improve on?