Stuck In A Reading Rut? Here’s How To Get Your Mojo Back

Pandemic brain can make even the most menial task seem daunting, here are our top tips for getting back in the reading groove.

Over the past twelve months, most of us have had more time on our hand than ever to sit down and read, but when you’re out of practice it can be hard to concentrate. Having all of this downtime in which you’re not reading can also make you feel guilty, and when has feeling bad about something made you want to do it?

With the constant cycle of bad news and updates, it’s also hard to switch off, and many of us finding it easier to escape to Netflix which requires less effort than delving into the world of a book. But don’t worry, if you’re finding it tough to tackle that ‘to be read’ pile we have some tips and tricks to make it a little bit easier.

Start Small

Hey, look at you sitting there reading this article! But if you’re an avid STELLAR fan, you’ll know that this first appeared in our gorgeous April issue. Picking up a mag is one of the best ways to get out of a reading rut. With Covid fatigue massively reducing our ability to concentrate, flicking through a magazine or a newspaper is a great way to zone out for a few minutes without the sometimes intimidating commitment of a novel.

Some days you might just read a few articles that catch your eye and then others you may find yourself reading the mag from start to finish. Either way, starting small is a great way to reignite that fire for reading. Another good solution is picking up a book of short stories or poems, something you can easily dip in and out of while you have your mourning cuppa.

Try An Audiobook

Audiobooks are an amazing way to read when you just feel like you can’t devote anymore of your day to sitting down – a global pandemic has really got us in a love/hate relationship with our sofas. Listen to them while you cook, when you’re ironing or even if you’re out for your daily walk around the block.

We have found that non-fiction is the best format on audible, as it feels more like a podcast format but there are literally thousands of options available. Something listening to an audio version of your favourite read can be both comforting and inspire you to pick up a book again.

Audible is an excellent place to start as they have a 30-day free trial to get you started, or alternatively, many Irish libraries now offer free audiobooks.

Get Cosy With Something Familiar

One of the trickiest things, when you’re trying to get back your reading mojo, is knowing what to read. If you’re already on the edge with reading and then start something that doesn’t hook you straight away, you’re unlikely to persevere.

What we would recommend you do is have a think about your favourite books and why. Then, do a deep dive into their back catalogue as you’re more likely to enjoy it! If you loved Marian Keyes’ latest book then pick up one of her older reads and before you know it you’re reading again. It’s like being with an old friend and is a good way to ease you back in.

Start A Book Club With Friends

At this point, we are all sick to the teeth of Zoom, especially as we chat with friends and realise we have nothing to talk about as none of us really have any news! Killing two birds with one stone here, start a virtual book club with your pals as not only will you be socialising and chatting, but reading too.

Choosing a book together and setting a date for your Zoom call means you will have a deadline to have it finished by. A slightly tough love approach, but it will definitely give you an incentive to get stuck into the book. It’s also something to look forward to post-pandemic when you can all meet in the pub and discuss it over a bottle of wine.

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