Thalia Heffernan Is Speaking Out About Body Dysmorphia And We Love Her For It

She has always been stunning!

Irish model Thalia Heffernan is opening up and sharing her experience with body dysmorphia, something that many youn Irish girls have experienced in their lives.

The 23-year-old model has been in the industry since she was a teenager, and is just now coming to terms with loving her body and living life for her.

“As a model, be it from a third party or from yourself, you’re always being told you’re not good enough,” Thalia told The Sunday Independent’s Life Magazine.

“That’s the industry in a nutshell. Not so much here. Here you get it more from within. Being in shows with girls who are younger than you, or I’ve been on shows with girls who definitely aren’t well.”

Thalia, who met her current boyfriend Ryan McShane when the pair were competing on last year’s Dancing With The Stars Ireland, says she’s learned valuable lessons from being in the industry.

“I’ve had moments in my life where I’ve been overwhelmed by ‘Am I enough, am I not?’ Ryan’s had to literally sit me down and be, like ‘You wouldn’t be where you are if you weren’t able.’

“Modelling and body dysmorphia can, if you allow them to, go hand in hand.

“For a long time I struggled massively with body dysmorphia. I’ve looked at photos and seen them physically change. Physically, the actual image has changed.

“As I’ve gotten older I’m able to say, ‘Stop picking yourself apart. It’s not the most important thing.’”