The 5 Rules Of Making Friends In A New City

New job, new city, new crew? Making new pals is way easier than you think!


You’ve moved. Well done! It’s all a little bit strange and a big bit exciting, or it least it would be if you had some pals to hang out with and weren’t stuck on your lonesome on the reg. Yep, being the newbie is kinda tough, but there are five fool-proof ways to make some deadly new BFFs faster than you can binge-watch an entire season of Orange Is The New Black.

1. Go online

We know what you’re thinking. You want to meet real life friends not virtual ones but hitting the web is the first port of call for getting to know your new location. Follow lots of locals on Twitter. Even if you don’t meet up with them it will keep you up to date with events and cool hangouts, where your potential new pals could be chilling RIGHT NOW. Get busy with apps like Meetup, PeopleHunt and Nearify too. They’ll help you track down local peeps with similar interests.

2. Be open and make the effort

Been asked out to a party with a bunch of people you don’t know? Forget “but I won’t know anybodyyyyy,” and just go for it! Been set up on a ‘friend-of-a-friend’ date? Don’t cop out! Sure it could be totes awks, but on the flip side you could meet your new bestie. Yes, it’s super tempting to stay in in front of the telly, but if you’re on the hunt for a new crew, turn it off, go out and be open to new experiences. Yep, even if they feel a little uncomfortable to begin with.

3. Get a hobby that’s completely new

Yes, we know you hear this one a lot, but there is a trick to making it work. Hitting up a Yoga class? Sidle up beside the girl with the cute trainers and you’ll have an instant conversation starter. Heading to a cookery course? Choose a spot where you’ll have lots of people to talk to. Taking a class is kinda like networking. You won’t meet anybody if you hide in the corner. Strike up a convo about that time you fell over doing the downward dog/ burnt your Chicken Tagine to get the ball rolling.

4. Make the first move – go on!

You’ve bumped in to a potential new pal, you’re getting on like a house on fire, and you’ve bonded over your shared love of Bradley Cooper in a suit (rrrr). Now is not the time to be coy. Grab her number or ask for her Facebook deets. And drop in a “let’s do lunch sometime.” Better yet, actually set a date and follow through. If you’ve clicked with someone you think has pal potential, make the effort and lock that shizz down.

5. Don’t forget to be yourself

So this advice might have a bit of a bang of Mammy off it, but if you want to make pals, just be yourself. That’s right. Chill out and don’t force it. Creating a new friendship group takes a while. We know it’s daunting, but once you relax and get over your fear of rejection you’ll see there’re lots of opportunities to make new friends, and you’ll have someone awesome to nab coffee / hit the shops/ paint the town red with in no time.

Pic credit: House of Fraser