The Heartbreaking Trailer For Jayda McCann’s Documentary Has Been Released

It's titled 'Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day'

A heartwrenching trailer for a new documentary on Irish influencer Jada McCann has been released.

The beauty guru from Greystones sadly passed away in October 2019, having suffered a lengthy battle with PEComa- a rare form of cancer.

The documentary, entitled ‘Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day’ will be premiering at the Dublin International Film Festival this March.

It follows the journey of Jade and her family as she undergoes treatments during the last few months of her life.

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Everyone uploading their bikini photos and I’m here like this😂 Today I got marked up for emergency lung radiation. I came in with a kidney infection and as usual, things have escalated🤷🏽‍♀️ So, I won’t be getting out of here anytime soon. We’re unsure whether I’ll start the treatment today or Monday and I’ll be having four intense sessions to my largest tumor on my lower left lung. Apparently, there won’t be many side effects🙌🏽This tumor is pressing against my rib cage when I breathe and causing pain so that’s the reason behind the decision to radiate the area👍🏽 I’m just keeping everyone updated as things go along because to be honest, I don’t know very much myself🙈 I’m trying to keep as positive as I can and I’m blessed with a good family and great company💞 Sending you all positive vibes & hope you all have a nice weekend✨ #JaydaMcCann #Sarcoma #LungCancer #Stage4Sarcoma

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The first scene of the trailer shows Jayda lying in a hospital bed, sharing her worries;

“Every time I get brought in, I’m like, ‘This is it now. I’m going to die in here.’ Sometimes that happens, cancer can be so fast and rapid and sneaky.

“I always get worried that if I get brought in and kept in, that I won’t be let back out and this is going to be it, I’ll just die in here.”

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This day two weeks ago I was half paralyzed and told I may stay that way. This day last week, I was almost put on a ventilator that never would have been removed🤯 TODAY, I am WALKING (without my wheelchair or stick) out of this hospital after 1 week of brain radiotherapy, one week of lung radiotherapy, intense daily physiology & a 6 week stay in total🤮 My professor or team cannot tell me why I recovered or how I have. It is a mystery. All of the signs indicated the treatment wasn’t working🙄 BUT I’M GOING HOME!!😩🥳👣 I am still a bit wobbly & I will be continuing treatment, physio and essentially be disabled (not for long hopefully🤷🏽‍♀️) which means I need some help with basic bits around the house & cannot drive because of safety reasons🤣 But I’m a far stretch from where I was & I am BLESSED to be surrounded by the BEST family & boyfriend in the world. So now, on to living a normal life until my next scans in AUGUST🧘🏽‍♀️💪🏽✨ In the mean time, it’s all wellness, beauty & little old me as usual🥰🙈 Thank you all for all of your love & support at this hard time, we definitely felt it and are so grateful💞Also, a huge thanks to St. Monica’s Ward in Vincent’s for their care & compassion! And lastly, Prof. JC (The King) for all of his expertise & help💪🏽 If you have a sec, Dad and I spoke on my stories today about something we’d love your support with this coming week regarding cancer research and our team🙈 A little share would go a long way if you don’t mind☺️💞 IT’S A FECKIN’ GREAT DAY LADS! I’M ALIVE, I’M WALKIN & I AM GOING HOME TO BE WITH MY FAMILY. I’ve never felt so blessed. This experience has almost been a miracle🙏🏽🌟✨ #miracle #healing #sarcoma #homeday #hometime #stories #godheals #godisgood

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Going on to speak about her dad, who was also diagnosed with cancer at the same time, and who sadly passed away just 10 weeks after Jayda,

She said:

“I’m a total daddy’s girl. We’ve always been so close. You wouldn’t want to see anyone you love go through it, but if I could pick anyone in the world to do it with, it would be him.”

Jayda was very open about her battle on her social media channels, documenting her journey each step of the way. Speaking briefly about her relationship with the online world she said:

“The online world and the real world are very different. People are different. Online they put their best selves forward. Online, they are your best friend.

“People can see everything you do and follow your whole life.”




The screening of the documentary will be at 6pm in Cineworld, Parnell Street, Dublin on the 5th of March.


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