Job Hunting? Here’s The One Word You Should ALWAYS Include On Your CV

It could majorly increase your chances of bagging an interview.

Woman writing a CV

We’re always being told about what we shouldn’t include on a CV; things like making spelling mistakes or talking about yourself in the third person to name a few, but what if there was a word you could add into your application that would magically increase your chances of cinching an interview?

Well, guess what ladyfriend, there is. At least according to recruitment expert Erica Seidel, who told Fast Company that the one word that can make a big difference when it comes to impressing a potential employer is ‘which.’

So what is it about this one little word that has such a big impact?

Erica explains that it adds depth and substance to your application, because “the explanations that follow from ‘which’ put all your accomplishments and responsibilities into context.” In short, its the one word that connects your skills to your results and achievements.

For example, if you work in sales you might say, “I designed a new direct marketing technique which increased sales by 20%.”

Does this mean you should be throwing ‘which’ into every second sentence? The key is to keep it relevant, so if you’re making a claim about your skills and attributes, be sure to back it up by linking in it in with your achievements.