The Real Reason Women Have Orgasms Is Actually Pretty Cool

Not just 'cos it feels good (though that's a damn good reason too).

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Right now, at this very second, around 280,000 people are having an orgasm.

That’s a whole lot of screams, moans, grunts, condoms and messy bedsheets – but the big question is, why do we even orgasm at all?

Aside from the fact that it feels downright amazing, there’s a lot of uncertainty around why females actually reach orgasm. In the case of males, there’s a pretty obvious biological reason, but the evidence is less clear when it comes to us laydees reaching the Big O.


According to new research though, the female orgasm may be of just as much biological importance as its male counterpart.

A group of scientists at Yale University believe that an orgasm was once the first trigger that kickstarted ovulation in the female body each month.

While these days we have evolved to ovulate monthly without any external triggers, it’s thought that the release of hormones like oxytocin and prolactin during orgasm were what prompted primitive female ovaries to release an egg.

But why do we orgasm these days? Well, while it’s not strictly necessary for pregnancy, it does encourage “pair-bonding”, that is, a pleasurable bonding mechanism between partners, which the folks at Yale say is *almost* as important a function.

Plus, imagine how annoying it would be if your orgasms automatically led to ovulation? We’ll stick to the pair-bonding, thanks.

(H/t IFL Science)


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