The Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill Has Just Passed Through The Dáil

We're on the way to a new Ireland!

After hours of debate, the Dáil finally passed the Regulation of Termination Pregnancy Bill just after midnight last night. The bill passed by 90 votes to 15 with 12 abstentions.

The move comes after the historic referendum in May this year when 66.4% of us voted in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment and legalising the termination of pregnancies. And after numerous court challenges and proposed amendments – as well as a lengthy debate yesterday that had the conscientious objection of medical practitioners as a divisive focus point – legislation is well under way to make what Minister for Health Simon Harris is calling the “new Ireland” a reality.

“We pass this Bill today just six months after the people had their say,” Simon Harris said. “I look forward to a time – not far away now – when we will be able to assure women experiencing crisis pregnancies that they will be looked after here at home, where they need not fear that they will be stigmatised for their choices or lack the support they and their families need from our health service.”

The Bill will move to the Seanad next with Mr Harris saying he looks forward to “working closely with [his] colleagues in the Seanad to discuss the legislation and move closer to making that new Ireland a reality.”

As the Minister himself said, on to the Seanad now!

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