The Secret’s Out! These 5 Super Tasty Foods Are What The #IrishFitFam Eat To Stay In Shape

After a whole lot of Instagram stalking I have finally figured out how the Irish Fitfam do it.

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Confession: I have an Irish fitfam habit.

There I said it. I’m kinda addicted to watching Ireland’s fitness folk on Snapchat and Instagram, and whenever I need advice about anything nutrition and training related, their accounts are the first place I turn to.

But the big question? Just how do they make it all look so easy? After all, maintaining abs and staying on track isn’t exactly a picnic, is it? So what are Siobhan O’Hagan et al doing that the rest of us aren’t?

Well, after nearly a year of social media stalking, I’ve taken my cues from Ireland’s fittest females and established that these five foods play a big, big part in keeping them in form year round.

Kerrigan’s Foods For Fitness

Roz Purcell's Fakeout Burrito Bowl

Having sampled it myself, I can attest to the sheer awesomeness of this range. They’ve got a multitude of turkey burger offerings (a favourite with fitfammers thanks to their high protein, and low fat quality) piri piri cook in the bag chicken, which is super handy when you CBA cooking, and Fakeaway meals that are just like your favourite takeout only healthier: think higher protein and lower calorie. My favourite? Roz Purcell’s Turkey Burrito Bowl. Divine.

Flavour Drops

My Protein Flavour Drops

Another one I constantly see popping up on my fave-o fitfam accounts is My Protein Flavour Drops. What are they? Basically, they’re just a liquid sweetener you can add into pretty much anything. Think coffee, desserts and porridge. Bikini athlete Jade Wilson AKA Glitter And Glutes is a fan. Hey, if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

Liberté yoghurt


Quite simply, fitness peeps love this yoghurt because it’s high protein, low fat and doesn’t rack up a hefty carb count like many other brands on the market. A good one to mix in with your overnight oats or chuck into your morning smoothie, for sure.

Low carb condiments

Wyldsson Hazelnut And Cocoa Spread

Every wondered how fitness bloggers seem to get away with eating mountains of pancakes topped with chocolate sauce? Well, we have the answer. Loads of them are using low carb sauce ranges atop their enviable pancake stacks. A top pick? Wyldsson’s Hazelnut And Cocoa spread is a deadly dupe for Nutella, but racks up double the protein. Sold!

Fulfil bars

White Chocolate Fufill

Chances are these delishy bars are already on your radar. Packing in roughly 21g of protein per bar and only 7g of fat and 11g carbs you’ll regularly see Ireland’s fitfam snacking on a Fulfil bar or two. Also highly rated are Grenade’s Carb Killa protein bars, especially the White Chocolate Mocha flavour. We’re stocking up!


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