There’s A Right Way To Store Peanut Butter, And You Definitely Haven’t Been Doing It

This makes a LOT of sense when you think about it.

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Love peanut butter? Join the club. Whether you’re a crunchy, smooth, additive-packed or organic kind of gal, there’s no denying that PB truly is the salty, creamy food of the gods.

Peanut butter tastes good in pretty much any form, but if you want your nut butter to be the best it can be, there’s a correct way to store it, one that most of us most definitely haven’t been paying heed to.

Even if you store your PB in an airtight case, shrouded in velvet curtains and manned by a fleet of security guards, you still haven’t been doing it the right way, it turns out. Why? Well, according to the folks over at The Kitchn, you should be storing it upside down, to allow the nut oils to distribute evenly throughout the jar.

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This rule of thumb applies to all nut butters – almond, cashew, you name it – and is especially applicable if you favour natural brands which are prone to oil separation.

Of course, even if you haven’t been storing your nut butter upside down, you can even out the oil/nut balance simply by giving your PB a good stir before you use it. But let’s face it, that option could be a whole lot messier, so we suggest implementing this trick ASAP.


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