These 10 Things Are Guaranteed To Give You A Stop-Everything Orgasm

Whether you're having trouble getting there with your guy or just wanna make your orgasms stronger, these tips will have you covered - and then some.


There are orgasms, and then there are hold-it-right-there, don’t-stop, floating-on-a-cloud orgasms. When you’re aiming for the latter, we know they can seem downright impossible to achieve. Sure, we all want wild, crazy, never-knew-my-body-could-bend-that-way Os. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Consider this your cheat sheet for breaking pleasure records.

 1. Think sexy thoughts!

What’s the largest human sex organ? Yes, it’s the brain. Try to bear that in mind when you’re getting frisky with your man. Allow yourself to think about a hot scenario before and during sex. Go ahead and play sexy little movies in your mind, about whatever turns you on — a hot moment you had last year, Bradley Cooper, or use some musical inspiration, either.

2. Use Lube

You might want to consider lube as a necessity rather than just an added bonus. We suggest you stock your nightstand accordingly.

3. Track your crimson wave

We suggest this not only to save your Hanky Pankies, but because on the 13th day of your cycle (right before you ovulate), your testosterone levels peak, resulting in a higher sex drive and bigger orgasm potential. Got it?

4. Delay gratification

Ever heard that good things come to those who wait? Bring yourself close to climax and then stop; you build up a way bigger, more intense O. It may sound counterintuitive, but wait until you’re about 90 percent of the way there and then pause, slow down, and build yourself back up. Repeat until you can’t take it anymore. The eventual orgasm will be, ahem, O so worth the wait. (Soz.)

5. Focus on your C-spot

Touch your clitoris during sex (or have your guy do it). Reach down with confidence—if you’re worried about bruising his ego, it’s just the opposite—it’s a turn-on for him to see you so turned on.

6. Keep your socks on

Let’s be honest, this seems like the most non-attractive way to get in the mood with your fella, but hear us out: Next time you’re getting frisky, warm your feet up first. Ask your guy to give you a foot massage with warm oil or wear socks. And trust us: you’ll be more likely to have an orgasm if your feet are warm and cosy.

7. Tell him to use his fingers

So while he uses his mouth on your lady garden ask him to not be finger shy. Internal and external play is twice as nice for your O chances. While he’s going down on you, ask him to put a finger or two inside you, and/or move your hips against his mouth to help create a rhythm that feels best for you. Many times, it’s a combination of things, rather than just one move, that hits the magic button.

8. Get the right gear

Sometimes a mind-blowing orgasm is just one battery-operated gadget away. Sex toys can be used solo or with your man for an even more explosive finish.

9. Use your words

They don’t have to be porn-y, unless that’s what you’re in to, but being comfortable saying naughty things to your partner, or just telling him what you like, is huge when it comes to sex. Why? Because arousal happens as much in the brain as it does elsewhere. We suggest moaning, or telling your partner what you want, and later saying what you’re doing to him while you do it. This will only build up arousal and lead to a bigger O.

10. Breathe

Think of breathing as an act of control. Rhythmic breathing helps you focus on the pleasure you’re about to experience rather than the outside stressors that can be an enormous buzzkill. So you’ve got nowhere to be, nothing to do but enjoy every minute.

By Jennifer Conway.