These Are The 10 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A Dog Owner

Number five though!

Woman hugging a dog

Ah, dogs. A woman’s all time best friend. Can you relate to the following?

  1. A spoon from a doggo when you’re feeling anxious or upset is the best tonic
    They’re like a fluffy hot water bottle that hugs you back. What’s not to love?
  2. If you get a Snapchat filter to work on their face, it’s comedy gold
    And you’ll pester your friends with adorable snaps whether they want to see them or not.
  3. Them yelping, crying or being sick makes your heart leap in to your chest
    If only they could tell us what’s wrong 🙁
  4. When they do a trick or behave well, you are so proud you could burst…
    “My dog can give a high five, what does yours do?”
  5. …but when they’re bad, the mortification is extreme.
    The poop in the neighbours’s garden is the WORST.
  6. When you come home from holiday and they go berserk, it cures all post-vaycay blues 
    They fully thought you’d abandoned them for life.
  7. There’s nothing like the feeling that you’re communicating with them, and they understand, even though they can’t speak
    You know they’re paying attention when they do that adorable head tilt. Major heart flutters, am I right?
  8. You think you won’t have them on the bed or couch… for about five minutes
    They deserve their comfort as us as we do.
  9. You’ll kiss them no matter what they’ve been sniffing or chewing, but you’ll make your fella brush his teeth after eating crisps
    Nothing like a big sloppy lick on the nose – from the dog that is, not your bloke.
  10. Dogs are the best pals a human can have, bar none
    They’ll love you no matter how grumpy you are, and they don’t judge your unwashed hair. Unconditional love and friendship at its absolute finest.


This story first appeared in the August issue of STELLAR Magazine. Our September issue is on shelves now.

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