This Blogger Lost Hundreds Of Followers After Sharing A Picture Of A Period Leak

Is it time to normalise period blood once and for all?

It is common knowledge that periods can be a tricky subject to navigate in today’s society. To think that women have been bleeding once a month since the dawn of time, yet still it is often something that is brushed under the rug, ignored, and never to be spoken of. Because how dare our bodies do something that we literally have no control over, that’s disgusting. Oh, but if you body doesn’t do that and you don’t eventually bear children at some point down the line, how dare you do that either?? Being a female is fun.

One lady who isn’t keeping quiet about her monthly visitor is English blogger Grace Victory. Speaking openly on social media about topics such as period poverty and natural contraception, it seems to us that she is the role model every young girl needs in their life. When the gorgeous Grace experienced a leak during her most recent period (something I think we are all far too familiar with), she took it as an opportunity to share the image in an attempt to remove the stigma which surrounds period blood.

Sharing the picture, Grace wrote: “Let’s normalise bleeding. How does this image make you feel?”

Some of her followers showed her exactly how it made them feel and proceeded to unfollow her account. Em, bit harsh?

The influencer was quick to voice her opinion on the matter, stating on her Instagram Story: “I lost 150 followers after posting this. How wild is that.”

“2018 and people are still grossed out over period blood. We are still full of shame and embarrassment over something so so natural.” she continued.

However, while Grace proceeded to lose more followers, she’s also gained quite a number of new ones since the brave statement has gone viral. While there is some negative comments on the post including “You’re sick. Did you sleep on it too?” and “gross”, the vast majority of people have been praising her for her courage and the hand she is playing in de-stigmatising periods and period blood.

We say good on ya Grace, we can’t wait to see what you will speak up about next.


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