This Dublin Landlord Gave Her Tenants Twelve PAGES Of ‘Crazy’ Rules To Follow

'No one should have to put up with smelly dirty people, so shower at least once a day.'

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If you think your landlord is a nightmare, we have news: he or she is nothing compared to this.

Tenants living in a share house in Cabra have revealed the endless list of rules laid down by their landlord, which include orders to wash their “cheesy feet” and “wear deodorant,” financial penalties if the house cleaning rota is not followed and demands to introduce all boyfriends and girlfriends to her one month in advance of any visits.

The list, which spans eight pages and includes 16 rules relating to the landlord’s cat, was published in full on today, after one of the tenants contacted the paper to complain about the living situation, which sees each tenant paying €300 plus bills to share a room “with mould all over the walls” and “like a waterfall with condensation” with two others. As well as strict rules, the landlord told tenants of “hidden cameras” in common areas.

Some of the rules, as shown in’s pictures, include:

  • “After cleaning put the clothes that you used for cleaning in a separate plastic bag and put in the shed for washing”
  • “Never leave open food unattended anywhere in the house”
  • “You are allowed to get visitors but needs to be given the full name and phone number of the person to Miss Firmo prior to the visit”
  • “All visitors will be included in the bills sharing when the staying is longer than a weekend and that needs to be paid in advance”
  • “You are allowed to get the visit of your boyfriend/girlfriend is the relationship is longer than a month… The girlfriend/boyfriend needs to be introduced to Miss Firmo one month in advance to the visit”
  • “Smile you are on TV! Be advised there are cameras in common areas of the house”
  • “Do not turn central heating on after 6pm”
  • “No one should have to put up with smelly dirty people, so shower at least once a day, wear deodorant, treat your cheesy shoes and feet”
  • “Do not play games of frightening the cat as it can make the cat sick”
  • “Do not play with the cat with your hands”

According to Citizens’ Information, all tenants are entitled to a certain minimum standard of accommodation, but there are no rules about what can  and cannot be included in an official tenancy agreement.

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