This Is The Absolute Worst Mistake You Can Make On Your CV

According to big bosses, if you make this crucial mistake, you definitely won't be getting hired.

Girl With CV

You’ve scoured Twitter, Facebook and the local paper, and you’ve finally found the perf job. Now all you gotta do is get writing a deadly CV. Easy, right? Er, no actually. According to new research, there are a few pitfalls you deffo wanna avoid when you’re typing up your application.

Research firm YouGov surveyed 600 employees and senior executives on their biggest job application peeves. The one that came out on top? Making a spelling or grammatical blunder. Yep, 87 per cent of peeps said they found it hella annoying to see silly mistakes littered through your application. #Oops.

Coming in second, was recording incorrect info, like addressing the wrong person, naming the wrong company, or leaving out essential deets, like, er, your phone number. The next peeve? Being way too long winded. Yep, 46% of bosses want you to keep it brief.
So what can we learn from that? “Perform a full spelling and grammar health check,” suggests Paula Coogan, careers coach at My Quarter Life Coach.  Check for typos, ensure you’ve included all the vital info your employer needs to contact you, and make sure you don’t go over two pages. Easy.