This Is Why Your Boobs Hurt Before Your Period

Ah, it all makes sense now.

sore-breasts period

Every single month when our period arrives, so do the influx of symptoms; cramps, mood swings, chocolate cravings, bloating and, er, did we mention mood swings?!

Although all these symptoms can be super inconvenient, at least we understand why they happen, but one period symptom we can never get our head around is tender boobs: why does something down there affect something up there?

It turns out that the hormone oestrogen is responsible for those aching boobs. Yup, the same thing that causes your raging mood swings is causing your breasts to ache.

“A spike in oestrogen just before ovulation causes the breast ducts to enlarge, while a peak in progesterone during the week before your period stimulates the growth of the milk glands. The resulting breast soreness, aching or swelling often goes hand in hand with PMS, intensifying during the days leading up to your period,” Dr Roshini Rajapaksa explained to Health Magazine.

To help ease the pain each month, reduce your intake of fatty foods and caffeine and try to exercise regularly and wear an extra supportive, comfy bra.

However, if the pain worsens, continues over a long period of time, or seems to only be in one particular area you should visit your GP for a check-up.



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