Toot! An Expert Says This Is The ‘Normal’ Amount Of Times To Fart Each Day

Beanz meanz fartz.

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Be they silent, noisy, odourless or HORRIFICALLY stinky, farts are a normal part of life.

Be honest, you’ve probably let a few sneaky farts out today. And so has everyone else you know, don’t worry.

But how much is too much – or too little – to let one rip? Apparently there is indeed a “normal” amount of farts we should be doing each day, at least according to one expert.

“From what I’ve found, 10 times a day is normal to fart, but up to twice that can be considered normal, with a big range in the volume as well,” NUIG physiology lecturer Dr Beth Mallard told the Irish Times this week.

As for why we fart, Dr Mallard says it’s a perfectly healthy part of life, and that no matter what you do or eat, it’s bound to happen.

“I can’t imagine any sort of healthy diet, in any conventional sense, that would not produce any gas, as you have gas that is produced separate to what you eat. So everyone is going to fart, whether they’d like to acknowledge it or not,” she explained to the paper.


Of course, some people do fart more than others, which Dr Mallard says is most likely down to differing bacterial population in our guts, which tend to respond differently to different foods.

“You’ve got trillions of bacteria in your gut, particularly the colon, or large intestine. They play a very important role in your immune system, striking a balance between letting some stuff out and keeping the good stuff in,” she said.

So there you have it. Next time you let out an SBD in work, don’t feel TOO guilty. It means all those trillions of bacteria are doing something right. Toot toot!


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