#UltimateFear: 6 Ways To Beat The Back To Work Blues

It's back to work tomorrow. We have six tips to beat the dread and get you back on track for the week to come.

1. Change your mindset

the same old thinking and disappointing results, closed loop or negative feedback mindset concept - a napkin doodle with a cup of coffee

First off, feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’ve hopefully had a great break, spent time with loved ones, made some memories, and given and received some lovely gifts. Having a job is something to be grateful for, so reframe the way you think about it.

2. Take it easy


There’s nothing worse than a hungover Monday and it’s the last thing you need for this one coming. Take today to relax and unwind and you’ll feel all the better for it. You’ve probably had loads of nights out over the last few weeks and it’ll be good to go back to the office clear-headed. A little bit of TLC will have you feeling happy, and most importantly prepared for the week ahead. #TotalGoals.

3. Exercise your funny bone

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 14.49.58

What better way to cheer yourself up than a good and hearty laughing fit? Why not set yourself up for a comedy bonanza and watch some of your favourite funny movies? Have a Netflix comedy binge, arrange to meet some friends for a chinwag and laugh about your Christmas antics. Do whatever will guarantee you giggles and your mood will instantly improve. Promise.

4. Prepare your daily outfits


It’s been a few weeks since you’ve had to set the morning alarm, and yes it’s going to be bleak when it goes off. To make things a whole not more pleasant, set out what you’re going to wear each day to save yourself the morning stress. It means there’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about when the alarm sounds every morning. We’ll also be getting our healthy meals on track for the week too.

5. Plan, plan, plan

There’s nothing like a bit of forward planning and it’s fantastic having something to look forward to. Think ahead and if you feel like there’s nothing good on your horizon, then plan something. Do a bit of research and come up with some ideas. Your next exciting event is already within arms reach.

6. New Year, new you

New year
This is a brand new year for you. Set a goal, take up a hobby, start a blog, find a new job, get fit, lose weight, move out, or learn a new skill. Do whatever takes your fancy. You have a whole year and it starts right now. You have the power to do whatever you want to do so embrace that. Who knows, maybe this will be the best year of your life. Here’s hoping, eh?


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