We May Have A Second Brain In Our Stomachs And Suddenly Everything Makes Sense

How else can you explain feeling hangry?

Woman's stomach

Forgot that age-old myth you were told as a child about having a second stomach for dessert; new research is pointing towards the fact that humans may actually have a second brain, and apparently it’s situated (you guessed it) right there in your belly.

According to a new video posted by ASAP Science this second brain is responsible for a hellluva lot of stuff, playing a significant role not only in the way your body digests food but also in how we typically process emotions.

In other words, yes, you really can blame your foul mood on that ham and cheese croissant you ate at breakfast.

Apparently it’s all linked to bacteria in the gut which help to produce feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine. Scientists believe it can even contribute to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Oh, and get this: it’s even thought that looking after this ‘second brain’ can promote positive social behaviour, as it makes you more forgiving and better at fostering strong relationships.

Wanna know more? This smart vid sums things up pretty nicely.

Who knew we were so complex, huh?


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