5 Gentle Exercises For When You’re On Your Period

But only if you feel like moving


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First, let’s just get this out of the way, during your period, you can do whatever the hell you want. If you want to curl up in a ball and watch Real Housewives, that’s okay. If you want to have a long bath and a little cry, that’s okay too. It’s a tough time of the month and you need to do whatever is best for you.

If you feel exercise is something you would like to do, know that healthcare professionals do recommend it. Our lil’ sis KISS’s resident period expert Nurse Shelley previously explained on KISS.ie that a little light exercise can be beneficial during your period should you feel up to it.

“Exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental health, and as a health care professional, I would always encourage exercise which is within your capabilities, at least a couple of times a week. From walking or cycling to school, to partaking in sports and going to the gym, it is very achievable to include exercise into your routine. Being on your period should not stop that. If you feel well enough to, still exercise as you normally would! If you’re feeling crampy or feel sick, of course, you should rest and take care of yourself. If you’re feeling a little emotional, sometimes a nice walk is exactly what you need, or even a little bit of yoga and stretching.”

So, it seems that although we’ve been dealing with periods for longer than we’d like to imagine, there are still things to learn when it comes to handing them. In light of that, here’s 5 light exercises you could try out during your next cycle, to boost that serotonin.



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If you feel like moving quickly is painful or will make you feel sick, yoga may be the perfect exercise for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and emotional (sound PMS!) yoga can help with that too. There are so many nice, gentle yoga workouts on apps like Glo and Daily Yoga to Youtube videos from qualified instructors like Adriene Mishler (Yoga With Adriene).

These gentle workouts can help stretch out any sore muscles, help you with your breathing, and just get you to slow down and practice some self-care. Just don’t be afraid to sit out any very difficult postures while on your period, and maybe steer clear of headstands, ladies who leak you know the struggle!


This one might sound pretty obvious but there are a few reasons why walking is the perfect period exercise. Firstly, it’s one of the most gentle, easy things you can do to get your heart racing without any pressure being put on your tummy or other crampy areas, secondly, you can go at your own pace so if you’re in pain, you can stop at any time. Other benefits include the fact that you’ll get lots of fresh air which can improve your mood and whether you’re listening to a podcast or walking with someone, the distraction will take your mind off it!



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If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, or regularly go to the pool, a swim can be the perfect way to move a little while on your period. It’s best to do this toward the end of your period if you have a heavy flow, but if you wear a tampon or menstrual cup, there is no reason why you can’t swim when you’re bleeding. The reason swimming is so nice during menstruation is that you can float in the water while working your muscles and moving your body, meaning it’s not heavy on your stomach or any other sore parts.


If you’re comfortable enough to sit on a bike, this can be a good way to get a quick fifteen minutes of exercise, move your legs and get your heart rate going, without having to move your body tooo much. Take yourself to a park or quiet spot where you can have a little cycle and stop off at a nice cafe for a coffee and a cake too (any excuse).



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If exercising just seems too much, but you feel stiff and sore from lying down a few stretches can do just the trick. Even if moving your torso and sides is too painful, moving your neck, arms and legs is still good for you. You can check out gentle stretches on YouTube too or check out some Instagram accounts like the one above with easy to follow videos.




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