Feeling Extra Sweaty These Days? Here’s How To Put A Stop To That Perspiration

This Irish heat has taken us all by surprise.

We’re really not used to this hot weather we’ve been getting here in Ireland. From our dodgy tans, to the pints outside after work, to the ocean dips, it’s been heaven.

But with this hot weather comes one guarantee: sweat. We’ve all probably been sweating more these past few days than we’re used to in Ireland. Even on our dull days now, the balmy breeze would leave you in the fit of sweats after a 5 minute walks. But we often forget that sweating is actually a good thing, as the body’s way of cooling us down.

So what can be done to combat the sweat in this weather? Here are few tips for you to stay fresh in the heat.

Wear a strong antiperspirant

It might be that you’re not putting on enough or your regular brand is just not cutting it these days, but a properly good antiperspirant can work wonders in the summer.

While flowery deodorants smell great, they only mask the smell of your sweat, not help prevent it. A strong clinical antiperspirant is your best bet in combatting the sweat throughout the day.

If you want to stop that sweat in its tracks, an antiperspirant with at least 13% aluminium chloride in it should do the trick. (Driclor, Perspirex and Triple Dry may work for you)

Dress appropriately 

As this hot weather comes upon us, it’s time to ditch the heavy clothing. Light, flowy and breathable clothing is the best thing you can wear in the sun, nothing too tight fitting that can make you feel extra hot.

If you’re out in the sun, avoid black clothing at all costs. Black attracts the heat and will get you sweating in no time. For a sweat-free time, go for colours such a white and pastels which reflect the sun.

While you may feel like you’re sweating all over, nothing is as unforgiving as pesky sweat marks. So steer clear of grey as it will show up even the tiniest of sweat stains.

Watch what you eat

Certain foods and drinks can cause you to sweat more than usual, especially when they’re combined with the sweltering sunny weather.

Your body reacts to spicy food the same way it does to a hot day, so don’t pick a curry for lunch when you’re already sweating in the office heat. As well as spice, try avoid high carb, processed foods such as bread, fast food and chocolate as they can cause extra sweat too.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating fruit and veg. Boring, we know, but it helps lower your core body temperature which will reduce sweat.

Try to reduce your stress

Added stress in your life, or stressing about your sweat, will make the problem even worse. Nervous sweat or stress sweat happens when your body mistakenly thinks it’s in danger. Most of the time your body is in no danger so the nervous sweats are just a nuisance.

When you feel your stress levels rising take a moment to yourself and take slow, deep breaths to reduce your heart rate. And while unwanted sweat is annoying, try not to obsess over the sweat.

While most of the time sweating is harmless, especially in the summer, if you think it’s getting out of hand you should go to your doctor as it can be associated with health issues.

So, remember you’re not alone in this sweaty world, we’re all in this summer heatwave together.


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