How To Keep Your Immune System Supercharged When Working From Home

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Change is good, but unpredicted change can often leave people feeling stressed, off-kilter and a little unsure when rebuilding routine.

Now, more so than ever, as a community we’re getting to experience that unpredicted change. We’re reshuffling our lives, spending more time at home and refocusing our priorities on things we’ve often overlooked.

One of these aspects we’re now giving more attention to is our health and the importance of self-care. From dedicating time to our hobbies, to taking supplements, now is our time of pause to press play on the things that matter to us.

Minding our health as best as possible by selecting products that are safe and effective to build up the best immunity is so important; and Triumph® Monthly Cycle Supplement by Vitropics is ideally placed to do just that.

Created by women for women, this Irish-made brand is the world’s first vitamin, mineral, amino acid and botanical supplement that supports beauty, energy, hormonal activity and immunity all in one.

The supplement is designed around the menstrual, pre-ovulation and post ovulation phases, giving women the support they need, just when they need it most. It’s super easy to follow by simply starting your programme on day one of your period (or if you don’t get a regular bleed, start any day you like!)

Triumph® Monthly Cycle Supplements are made in Ireland, suitable for vegetarians and come in a handy one month pack that’s easy to take and follow – helping you to keep on top of your health without even having to put in that much effort, the dream.

When speaking about ways to embrace this unusual change and make sure our WFH conditions are the best they possibly can be, nutritional coach Nichola Flood who goes by the name ‘The Queen Of Health’ gave us some handy tips.

First and foremost, to keep your immunity in good nick, it’s all about keeping things clean.

“Keeping tech devices clean is very important. Wipe down the remote controls for the TV and your phone every day to limit germs and stop infection,” says Nichola. Who also noted that the same applies to your temporary work station and your common household items like hand towels and dish cloths.

Staying hydrated is also another key factor for a strong functioning immune system.

“Now that we are at home and close to the kitchen tap and fridge all day, it’s a great time to incorporate more water in our diet,” says Nichola. “Water helps the body naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness and also helps carry oxygen to our cells, helping them to function at full capacity. Instead of a tea break take a water break.”

And the same goes for when you’re craving a snack break. Especially sugar. “Try switching your food choices for lower GL (glycaemic load) alternatives such as wholegrains, pulses, root vegetables and increasing your protein intake at each meal. This can help to regulate the release of glucose into the blood stream,” added Nichola.

And lastly, Nicola gave us three top tips when it comes to one of the most important factors of all – sleep. A good sleeping routine will have you looking better, feeling better and not tempted to stay up all night scrolling the internet.

  1. Avoid sleep stealers such as caffeine and alcohol a few hours before bedtime and stick to a sleep schedule, even on weekends.
  2. Exercise daily and experiment with light stretching before bed to aid relaxation.
  3. Ditch the late night Netflix binge and social media snooping before bed and unwind with meditation instead.

Well, you’ve heard the woman. Adhering to the above factors and paying more attention to your body while embracing this moment of pause will help you to reap the rewards in the long run, trust us!

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