How To Make A 2023 Vision Board

Time to get creative!

It’s that time of year again, time to set intentions, think about what you want from the year ahead and take a *deep breath*.

And all that sounds lovely and aesthetic right? But in reality, the start of the new year really just gives you a chance to create a positive outlook on what’s to come. Whether that means continuing the daily practices you have already built into your routine, creating new habits to help you feel your best, or just slowing down and being present.

This year, resolutions are on the outs. Making a list of unrealistic goals and being hard on yourself if you don’t achieve them can be counter-productive. Instead, we are looking inwards, focussing on ourselves and realising what will actually benefit us and help us to enjoy the year to come.

Something I’m seeing all over TikTok at the moment is vision boards. People are creating their dream aesthetic for the year but it’s less of a definitive to do list and more of a creative exercise. The pictures you decide to use are tailored to you and can include anything from your dreams, your favourite things, your ‘someday’ and your everyday.

I made my own one night while I was cuddled up in bed, a time I’d usually use for scrolling, but I felt creative and decided to put my time into visualising. Ever since, I have been so happy I did.

I popped it as my laptop screensaver and now I’m inspired every time I open it, whether it’s the cute quotes I left for myself reminding me to “focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase”, or the pics of a good pasta dish, who doesn’t love a good food pic? And a special shout out to the aesthetic snap of the girl with a blonde braid driving a Jeep, reminding me that I *WILL* pass my driving test this year. (I’ve been working on that a few years, I’m allowed to hope this is the year.)

With that, I wanted to share some tips on how I made it. I was originally unsure about where to begin, but with a quick search on TikTok I found gorgeous gals helping me with the steps, and it’s actually super easy.


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Step One: Get your Pinterest on!

Sign up or sign in to your Pinterest account and start searching, I thought about the type of stuff I wanted to see on mine, including things I loved and things I knew would make me feel inspired. Be specific with your searches to get the best results, maybe you want, ‘positive mindset quotes’ or ‘new apartment girl’, or in my case, ‘girl driving aesthetic’.

You can also go for broad searches when you’re starting off for inspiration, try ‘travel’, ‘food’, ‘morning coffee’, ‘friends’ etc that should get the creative juices flowing.

When you see a picture you love, download it to your device. Keep going until you’ve got all the inspo you need!

Step Two: Canva you believe it’s 2023?!

Download Canva, or get it online, there is an online version that doesn’t need an app if you’re on a desktop. You can sign up for free and use it as the perfect base to start creating.

I used the whiteboard setting and when you click ‘create a design’ you should see it in the drop down, there may be other options but I found this best to place pictures where I wanted.

From there I began adding in the pictures I had saved from Pinterest and placing them in a strategic, aesthetic patchwork and began to see my mood board come to life!

You can play around with sizing, flipping and moving images to get yours how you want it. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Step Three: Put it where you’ll see it

Okay, so you’re all mood boarded out? Great. Save your design to your device and think about where you want to display it, maybe you’re making it your lock screen or background, or maybe you want to print it out and pop it on your desk or wall. As long as it’s somewhere that you’ll look at it often enough and get the motivation and joy from what you created you can pop it anywhere. You just don’t want your hard work stuck in a documents folder never to be seen again.

Alternative Option: Old school cut outs

Alternatively, you could go old school with the vision board. Grab that stack of old mags in the corner and get chopping. Cut out clips of celebs you love, letters to create your own words, quotes you find inspiring, fashion moments you’re living for, whatever strikes your fancy!

This take requires some old magazines you don’t mind taking a scissors to, glue, paper and whatever you feel like getting creative with. For example, I’ve used gems, stickers and ribbon in previous years with this method!

*Bonus Tip*

Make a night out of it and invite your friends over for a wine and mood board night, I’ve seen these all over TikTok and they look so wholesome and fun. Spend the evening sipping away at your drinky, even if it’s tea, maybe have little charcuterie board on the go and get creative with your mood boards. Show each other yours after and see how unique everyone’s chosen aesthetic is. Celebrate each other and the year ahead by starting with a sweet memory! And a fab excuse for a girl’s night tbh.

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