How We Embraced Mindful Movement At Lakeside Lodges This Autumn

STELLAR PROMOTION: Breathe in. Breathe out. Bliss.

Are you an avid runner? An occasional jogger? Have you never broken into more than a light jog because you were late for the bus? Same. But that wasn’t going to stop us when Team STELLAR were invited to experience the tranquillity of Finn Lough Forest Hideaway, while also trying out everything that ASICS products have to offer! 

Though none of us are runners, we were excited to see if we might be opened up to a whole new sport, with a scheduled run around the gorgeous wooded grounds – and less scarily, a mindfulness and yoga session in one of their lovely bubble domes.

We also had the pleasure of chilling out in a lakeside lodge, learning about the benefits of movement on your body and mind, and putting our running shoes to the test!

David Gillick

After we had some time to take in our beautiful surroundings, we took our ASICS gear for a spin. Olympic athletes David Gillick and Mark English led us on a 3k run through the misty woods, where we breathed in fresh air and birdsong as we passed by the serene lake. And you know what – we were well able for it!

We got to really feel how ASICS running shoes support your body as you run, cushioning your feet and giving you that extra bounce. 

How did we fare overall? Okay, we may have opted for a slow jog here or there, but god did we feel good doing it! My Novablast 3’s had me feeling like a gazelle, even if I probably run more like Phoebe from FRIENDS. 

What gave me that extra pep in my step? ASICS’ campaign Running Never Felt Better focuses on the importance of finding a running shoe that works for you, so they use personalised footwear recommendations.

Innovative designs make your fitness experience as comfortable and seamless as possible, based on gait analysis and groundbreaking comfort innovations. That means you can be sure that you’re getting the best running experience possible.

If you’re looking to level up your shoe game, check out their Run Further category! They’ve got a fab selection to choose from, with shoes for every stride. Focussing on a neutral gait or overpronation are the GEL-NIMBUS 25, the GEL-KAYANO 30, the GEL-CUMULUS 25, and the GT-2000 12.

Each of these are designed with comfort and performance in mind (and as an added bonus, they look good!). You’ll be ready to take your running that one step further. 


It isn’t just about the physical gains, though. When it comes to their ethos of Sound Mind, Sound Body, ASICS believe in the positive benefits of movement on your mental health, too.

David shared with us how running helped him through a tough time; but he stressed that it doesn’t always have to be a marathon!

Any kind of movement that feels good to you can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. In 2022 ASICS conducted global research that showed that it takes only 15 minutes and 9 seconds to benefit mentally from any form of exercise. After our run (and the mindfulness session the next morning), we definitely felt uplifted! 

See the highlights from our trip to Finn Lough with ASICS on our TikTok!

You can buy ASICS running shoes on and at Elverys.