Period Cries #1: Old Dears Spinning The Wheel On Winning Streak

Each month, an Irish woman tells us about something that makes her cry on her period.


With raging hormones, cramps, and bleeding, it’s no surprise that women feel particularly emotional when Aunt Flo is in town. Each month, will ask an Irish woman to tell us about the silliest thing that has made them cry on their period. Starting the proceedings is STELLAR’s Online Editor Valerie Loftus, who has real trouble with Winning Streak. 

When I am on my period I can’t watch any form of game or talent show. The X Factor, Ireland’s Got Talent, even The bloody Cube – none of these. Every other week of the month, I could watch Winning Streak feeling only a slight tinge of envy at the people winning wads of cash by doing virtually nothing (something I eventually hope to do myself. Still haven’t bought a scratch card, but it’ll happen for me). But on my period, the sight of some old dear reaching up to spin the wheel on Winning Streak has me blubbering.

Because isn’t it so nice for them? And won’t they be able to go and visit the daughter in Sydney now like they were saying? She hasn’t been home for three years! And Marty Whelan’s just so happy for them, with his smiley little head, as are all their relatives coming down on to the stage with their charmingly crap handmade signs. And one of them is holding a baby! Ah god!

I wish I knew the exact reason why it all affects me so. But I guess that is the nature of Period Cries: Unpredictable, unprecedented, and completely stupid. Which is of course why I’m sharing it with all of you.

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