Struggling With Low Energy? Here Are Some Expert Tips For Maintaining Your Energy Levels

STELLAR PROMOTION: Nutritional therapist Sarah Brereton shares some advice on maintaining energy throughout the month.

Work deadlines, caring for family members, endless extracurricular activities, parties with children and balancing finances can all drain our energy levels every day. As women we seem to rate how successful we are on how busy we are – as if it’s a badge of honour on how well we are functioning – juggling all our home and work chores. We can be like the hamster on the endless wheel. But this, in turn, can make us feel symptoms like feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, teary and emotional.

Add hormones into the mix and this only exacerbates the situation. Hormones can attribute to similar symptoms. It is well known when people are under stress and pre hormonal they opt for unhealthy refined sugary snacks to give them a quick boost of energy. But as we know, this energy is only short lived, leading us to feel grumpier and like we cannot achieve all our daily goals. Taking B vitamins can help you to maintain healthy dietary changes and in fact, continue to make bigger long-term changes as it will produce positive results in only a matter of months.

I’m a big advocate of small changes. They can make such a big impact quickly.

If you’re drinking 6 caffeinated drinks a day reduce this to 3 or 4 and take things slowly, also increase herbal teas of your choice like Rooibos or Raspberry leaf tea, or cooled boiled water with cucumber.

B vitamins help us achieve better energy and feel less stressed and overwhelmed (Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 all contribute to normal psychological function). When our bodies are under stress both emotionally and physically, we require 50 percent more B vitamins and this can be difficult through diet alone. Caffeine will deplete their absorption also. Eating a superfood salad with kale, rocket, salmon and brown rice for lunch and a smoothie with banana, avocado, berries and spinach in the evening is excellent for today’s nutrient profile, but, as your body cannot store any of these water-soluble vitamins you need to stock up all over again for tomorrow. Other great food sources include beans and lentils, seeds and nuts, wholemeal grains.

When we are stressed our body produces cortisol and this affects hormones released in the second half of our cycles and affects our levels of B vitamins and therefore energy levels. Of course, we know this will affect our mood and we are less likely to go for that walk, meet our friends and do extra chores.

Cleanmarine For Women is an excellent solution for helping with these energy dips and gives an extra insurance policy that will can get sufficient B vitamins- Vitamins B2 and B6 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal energy yielding metabolism.

Cleanmarine For Women is an omega 3 and multivitamin blend designed to offer women additional nutritional support especially around the time of your period. It contains Vitamin B6, which helps to regulate hormonal activity, Vitamin B2, which supports normal skin, Vitamin B1, which helps maintain normal energy levels and Vitamin D3 which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

This article was guest written by Sarah Brereton. Sarah is a nutritional therapist with Cleanmarine, with over 15 years’ experience in nutrition. An expert in the field, she regularly contributes to magazines and appears on TV and radio. Sarah is passionate about helping people achieve great health and live well.