The Pill Will Soon Be Available With No Prescription In Ireland

A healthcare win!

Image via Pexels, Karolina Grabowska

Good news in the healthcare world!

New laws from the government will make birth control more accessible, by getting rid of the need for approval from a doctor to access the contraceptive pill.

That means the pill will soon be available to Irish citizens without a prescription!

The news comes after recent changes in the law to help improve access to contraception, such as making the pill free for people over 17 and under 30 years old.

Image via Pexels, Sophia Moss

Up to now, the only oral contraception women could receive without a prescription was the morning after pill – which isn’t exactly a long term solution!

Along with the contraceptive pill, some other creams and medicines will be made available without prescription.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly shared his explanation for removing barriers to access certain mediations.

According to iRadio, Stephen said, “There are fairly minor conditions, like certain skin conditions and conjunctivitis or whatever it might be, pharmacists are more than capable of identifying and issuing a prescription for it but we all have to go to GPs.”

Image via Pexels, Karolina Grabowska

He added that “GPs are already flat out. So, what we want is the expert group to advise on any areas where it is clinically appropriate and safe for the pharmacist to provide.”

The recent changes in healthcare and access to contraception in Ireland are welcome across the country.

Increased access to the pill feels like the right move toward a more progressive understanding of women and people who can get pregnant’s rights.

We don’t know yet when the plan will roll out, but hopefully it won’t take too long to enact!

Watch this space.